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The Demolition Depot and the Irreplaceable Artifacts companies are involved in an average of over 150 deconstructions per year. As you can imagine that is a tremendous amount of pieces that come in at a rapid pace. While our good intentions are to save as much as possible from going to the landfills, the onerous process of inventorying has been lagging behind. What we have on the website represents only about 20% of the entire inventory. The collection takes up a space of 500,000 square feet on 25 acres and instead of letting more time go by, we decided to display some of the deconstructions in situ before they were taken apart in the event you may be looking for pieces and do not see them from just going through the categories on the website and also in order to avoid lost opportunities for you and us as we may have it.

We urge you to take a look at this new category that we just added of our uncatalogued reclaimed interiors and exteriors. It is highly inspirational for the creation of new spaces. If you have a blank space and want an instant complete landmark interior for a new house, hotel, commercial space, a movie set, etc. that can most likely include all the doors, moldings, window trims, baseboards, windows and so on, then we have many options for you to recreate much and at a great savings. We will be adding more of these job-sites periodically.

Kindly enquire and let us know what your project is and we can send you more recent deconstructions that have not been listed here yet.

Thank you.

Deal, NJ

Rarely outside of museums does one ever see such great Arts and Crafts rooms. This is a 3-story house with all its original woodwork intact from the day it was built in 1898. The interior is done in Chestnut. Since the Chestnut blight of the 1920s, Lumber from the Chestnut Tree has been completely unavailable. The flooring is Oak. This is a special opportunity if one is building a house, or a museum, and wants a complete interior incl. paneled rooms, ceiling beams, an intact passenger elevator, doors complete with frames and moldings, base board moldings and the trim around the windows, etc.

Englewood, NJ

Whether you are building a cabin in Maine, a Grand Prairie home in Texas or a stately country home, this is a rare opportunity to acquire a complete selection of exquisite, matching original pieces to fit out the exterior of an entire house. Every leaded glass window, transom light, and all the doors complete with their frames have been saved. The winding wrought iron staircase, the slate patio and walkways can be sold separately.

Leonia, NJ

Anyone seeing this house from the outside would not suspect the interior as it is. Surprise. This is a remarkable old Lady that was worth preserving. Almost every piece of wood has been saved. Each paneled door, including the eared frames and facia moldings on both sides, was taken out as one unit. Each window was saved and removed in the same manner. There are glazed double entry doors, leading into a paneled vestibule with vestibule door. There is a lovely paneled room with a large window with seat, additional paneled doors and a matching fireplace mantel. Another beautifully carved wood fireplace mantel and overmantel graced the living room. This could be rebuilt in its entirety just as you see it in the photos. Whether you are building a summer home on the North Fork of Long Island, a mountain home in Utah, or even a movie set, this has a pleasant and elegant look to it and everything has its original finish and is in nice condition. The grain of the oak is some of the nicest 1/4 to 1/8 sawn oak we have ever seen. This is great value for someone building a complete home.

Important Mansion, Upper East Side, NYC

Church of the Redeemer, Brooklyn, NY

Bronx Presbyterian Church

Former Bank and Office Space in Brooklyn

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