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Personal Consultation
Running this business has meant that we've needed to become experts about how to re-use our pieces. Many can just be displayed as art, which they are, but it is also interesting to try to integrate an artifact into new construction or restoration. Our experience in doing just that can save you time and energy if you bring us your projects early on so that we can help you find pieces that will complement your ideas. Many architectural elements also lend themselves to being re-used in a totally different context; a column capital as a table base, grilles incorporated into folding doors or a window frame made into a mirror. These are just a few of the ideas that we've come up with and can share with you. You can see some examples in our book "Irreplaceable Artifacts: Decorating the Home with Architectural Ornament".

Retrofitting and Restoration
Over the years we have assembled a list of trades' people who are skilled at restoring, modifying or installing the many unique pieces that we sell. Whether it is an entire paneled room, a fireplace, stained glass or vintage plumbing, we have worked with the best in the field. Please ask us for recommendations and suggestions.

Acquisitions and Reclamations
Since our beginning over 35 years ago we have held fast and steady to our principles: being committed to saving what we can in this world from senseless destruction and from the landfill. Whether demolition is senseless, controversial, needed or elective, we have no control over these decisions. However, we have a long established track record of saving the best of a building and giving the pieces a new life for future generations to enjoy. Since that was the original intent of architectural ornament we have played a major part in raising the public's awareness of architectural ornament and making preservation a household word.

Additionally, many of our pieces have found new homes in various museums around the world including thousands of fine residences and commercial establishments.

Dismantling Services
If you intend to save some or all of the ornament from a building(s) and need it professionally removed, we can do it for you: from a paneled room, to a marble fireplace to a built-in mosaic.

Since our success depends on a wide variety of skills and experience saving pieces from old buildings that we dismantle, undoubtedly the success is heavily attributed to our extraction expertise. More often than we would like, we are placed under tight deadlines in construction schedules. As of this printing the McCutcheon House is a prime example of having to perform "The Impossible", we are able to dispatch a team on a moment's notice to do all levels of work.

Sales, Liquidations and Deaccessions
Many times over the years, we have been commissioned to liquidate and sell either collections or complete building contents. For example: a church, a hotel, or another institution is about to undergo a major renovation or demolition, and we are called in to maximize the value of an asset normally intended for the landfill. Why spend money throwing out materials that can be re-cycled and re-used?

Another part of our service is arranging to channel materials to various non-profits for a tax credit for the donation. Whether you are an owner's representative, architect, interior designer or another trade you can be a hero for yourself, your client, and the environment by turning them on to us for a free evaluation of their properties.

Replications and Reproductions
We took the initiative many years ago to collect numerous great old and original lights that were made as long as over 100 years ago and to authentically replicate them. If you have an entryway that is missing one or all of the lights we can replicate almost anything.

We have assembled a nice collection of originals that we sell and have copies of. This way the best result is achieved every time one passes by. Great entry lights always define and set the mood for the rest of the building or house and maintaining the first impression when one sees a structure is vitally important. We invite you to browse the web site to see a fuller representation of what our collection has to offer. You are also invited to email us photos of your building and we can send you back some recommendations that we feel are suitable. If you are going for Landmark approvals on historic buildings you can be assured that our pieces always pass the scrutiny of any Board or Panel and we are "the preferred source".

Prop Rentals
Did you ever wonder where Carrie's bathroom fixtures came from? Or the interior of Baryshnikov's apartment in Sex and the City? Probably not, because it looks either ordinary or really good. Well, it came from us. We outfitted many, many scenes from the whole run of the movie, that show and beyond. What about the sets for the CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show? Last year before the infamous writer's strike we were outfitting 7 or 8 movies at a time, from vintage plumbing fixtures to paneled rooms to lighting and doors. Have you been to an event and seen an enormous chandelier or stone ornaments decorating the tables? We have outfitted numerous prestigious events with items as diverse as garden statues and oversize planters to the gates that provided the backdrop for the Grammy Awards Ceremony. A fair share of our rentals goes to music venues like MTV, where one highlight was the infamous shower scene with Madonna and Britney. It was one of our vintage needle showers and enormous gates that were featured in it. If you are an art director doing a production, you need to stop by and see what you can design around.

Facility Rentals
Our facilities are so unique that from time to time we have rented our premises with the use of all our props in situ.

This has been a successful venue for various episodes from Law and Order's Criminal Intent dating back to the Equalizer and photo shoots for Vogue, Array, NY Magazine, and more including album covers, print ads, etc.

You are invited to send your location scouts in for a feasibility analysis.

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